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Skill Development Programs (SDP) to develop Human Life Skills – Hard Skills and Soft Skills

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Importance of Skill Development

  • Globalization is leading to increasingly international standardization of educational challenges and systems
  • International organizations increasingly emphasize largely on competence development and lifelong learning
  • The widespread adoption of international conventions that form the normative basis for the competencies.
  • The rate of technological advancement has accelerated at an unprecedented pace. In the services sector technological change has created new categories of high-skilled occupations in health care, information processing, and finance and business services; in the goods-producing sector too, the emphasis is now less on physical strength and adherence to routine and more on workers’ behaviour, flexibility and initiative.

Who needs Skills Development Programs?

The two aspects of Human Life Skills Development, viz. hard and soft skills requires that skill development programs be taken up as early as possible. Research goes to prove that structured learning programs before the age of 20 is the best solution to develop cognitive aptitude, however it can be continuously developed at all ages and stages of life.

Why sign up for SDP with Bringle Academy?

Bringle Academy offers unique blended learning program for its SDP which ensures that learners not only learn at their convenience and in the most time-effective manner, but in providing enhanced support and modern learning tools, gives you much more!

  1. Realistic Educational Workshops that unlock true life skills and career potential
  2. Session by Skill Knowledge Providers (Industry partners)
  3. Involves sponsors/mentors. Helps understand and support learner’s potential and nurture it
  4. Blended learning enables easy-to-learn and learning through modern teaching systems while having access to some of the best faculty and partners across the globe
  5. Use of gamification and advanced analytics to report progress of each unique learner and customize course levels as per individual pace

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