Bringle Academy provides customized Business Transformation Solutions using Advanced Technology & Analytics to generate value for YOUR Organization matching with your Business Strategies

Broad level challenges in today’s scenario that can be resolved by Bringle Academy are:

  1. Individuals and Corporates are unaware about the skills sets required for a particular job, leading to wrong decisions under business pressures.
  2. There are no programs available which can develop an individual holistically and also monitor the training effectiveness. Infact most of the times, individuals take a more than required time to decide for a learning program as they are not very sure if that program will excel their career. Sometimes, even after the completion of the program they are not aware if they have been benefited or have upgraded their skills.
  3. Certificates can only prove that an individual might know the content but the required training effectiveness comes from application, which requires different kinds of tests.
  4. There is a considerable gap between requirement for talent and availability of the same. The challenge is to match the right skills sets. If there is a system available which can evaluate the skills and inborn talents of any Individual at an early stage, up-skill them in the same area where they could be best and then place them with the corporate at the right place then this realignment would benefit the whole system.
  5. According to a report by Alliance for Excellence in Education, 50 percent of students who enter college remediation programs fail to reach graduation.

McKinsey report shows:

  1. Potential shortfall of 38-40 million college educated workers in 2020 (Developing countries will have 60% share)
  2. Additional shortage of 40 million workers with secondary education
  3. Mismatch between student aspirations and employment opportunities
  4. Weak industry skill development linkages
  5. Hard to build employer led skills development system using ground up approach
  6. The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions

How Bringle’s Skill Development Programs would help?

Bringle Academy focuses on the right content covering all skill types- Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Life Skills. We provide a technology to bring in scalability, and the data that is generated is then analyzed for improvising the content further for continuous improvement.
Again, there are three different types of skill acquiring methods for each individual – Phonetic, Kinesthetic and Visual. Hence, same content would be customized in our system as per the learning type and we would be using Dermatoglyphics to understand an individual’s inborn talents.
Our USP lies in end-to-end process of Competency Mapping to Up-skilling to placements with a track record of the skills available. All this by providing a combination of programs to develop Hard Skills, Soft Skills and Life Skills for a holistic development of an individual and lead them to the right career path. Another key aspect of our offering is, we are enabling technology to bring down the cost of education and ensuring better results.

What we do for you ?

Bringle’s Management Development Programs are researched and designed to include progressive learning capability, and our robust LMS ensures that your sponsors can actually see the benefits they are receiving through:

  • Real-time progresses reports
  • Mentor-Trainee systems
  • Skills assessment tools

Get Started with Blended Learning


It’s no surprise that more and more companies are finally moving towards eLearning over more traditional learning courses, due to the increased mobility of the workforce, a greater acceptance of Web-based training, better interoperability of systems within businesses and realization of the many cost saving benefits it offers.

However, eLearning works when you know HOW and WHY to use it. It must help your organization meet its goals. That’s where Bringle University helps businesses achieve their ultimate need in learning.  Our programs are custom-made to your business requirements, keeping in mind that the end output is seeing that change and helping people help your business perform better.

Overview of Programs

Core Domain Training

Knowing your Domain thoroughly enhances the ability of employees to deliver solutions for every professional need that meets business goals more closely.

Finance | IT | Operations | Sales and Marketing | R&D | Manufacturing and more

Talent Development Courses

Our talent development courses are designed to complement your organizational HR processes to create a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Leadership Development Courses

Our blended courses make leadership skills development more experiential and bring out qualities like intuitiveness, dynamic thinking and collaborative working, that leaders in today’s world need.

Schedule an appointment with our Experts for complete Learning and Recruitment Solutions to reduce Learning Curve and Recruitment Costs or for Virtual HR & L&D Services

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